Earlier this year, Intel introduced their new 8th Gen Intel Core vPro processors. Marketed as the way to help businesses of all shapes and sizes make the digital transformation, Intel compels customers to “Leave Inefficiency Behind.” With the new upgrade, Intel boasts that it will optimize productivity with Windows 10, help guard company assets, and […]

New grants from Health and Human Services are aimed at boosting the health information technology for smaller hospitals. The United States Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) is awarding $125 million in grants to community health centers to, among other functions, improve their use of health IT in primary care. Healthcare By The Numbers Community […]

Windows 7 Is Being Sunset Within The Next 2 Years (Questions & Answers) Microsoft announced they are stopping mainstream support for Windows 7. Windows 7 is a popular operating system. So, this creates concern for many. Over time, the reliability and security of your computer will fade if you keep using Windows 7. So What […]

What is Hashcat? Hashcat is a type of hacking tool, and a password cracker specifically. It was created to be able to hack the most complex of passwords, targeting multiple aspects of coding simultaneously. Additionally, according to online sources including Infosec Institute, it is regarded as being highly versatile and fast in comparison to other […]

In today’s business world, it’s important for companies to stay ahead of the trends when it comes to the latest in tools for productivity. Office suites like Microsoft’s Office 365 have become popular among organizations hoping for more effective performance and communication. With Office 365’s subscription plans, users gain access to the full list of […]

Microsoft’s Azure cloud service recently suffered a major disruption at one of its data centers in Texas. A truly epic lightning storm caused even the backup generators to go offline. Every time the center struggled back to a semblance of normal operations, another round of thunderbolts blew through and the center was offline again. It […]

What is ‘ZeroFont’ Phishing? ‘Phishing’ is where hackers attempt to get a user to willingly provide personal information, generally through posing to be someone else. It is one of the more threatening forms of hacking, as it is among the most difficult to protect against traditional security measures. Hackers continue to find new ways to […]

Schools and libraries applying for E-rate technology funding discounts must be CIPA Compliant. CIPA stands for the Children’s Internet Protection Act and mandates that if an institution is receiving a discount for network and network-adjacent services, then it must develop a protocol for use of these services by minors. Further, CIPA stipulates that the public […]

You may have an EHR system, decision support systems, purchasing, payroll, laboratory, pharmacy, personnel, finance, planning, and a myriad of other systems running on hardware that’s getting very long in the tooth. Many PCs are still running some older version of Windows. These issues can be a constant source of security headaches for the IT […]

If you’re considering or have decided to make an office move, whether you’ve outgrown your old offices, or moving to gain access to a qualified workforce, you can’t afford any more IT downtime than absolutely necessary.