Are You Still Using Traditional Business Phones?

“How Does Techsperts’ VoIP Business Telephone Solutions Solve These Problems And More?” 

Long-distance calling the old-fashioned way is costly, plus unreliable phone service can cost you customers. Companies in New York and New Jersey are giving up their old ways of calling and switching to our VoIP Business Phones.

Voice over Internet Protocol Business Phones allow you to make and take calls from anywhere you are via the Internet.  They will save you money and keep you connected, even when phone and power lines are down.  Plus you can manage all of your communication tools from one simple platform.

“How Does VoIP Work?”

It transforms analog audio signals into digital ones.  This way you can make calls over the Internet rather than on traditional phone lines that can fail during storms or power outages.

“What Features Do Your VoIP Business Phones Provide?”

Our VoIP Business Phones provide PBX (private branch exchange) capabilities like:

  • Conference Calls: Talk to team members and customers at the same time through your desktop, laptop or mobile device.
  • Smart Voice Mails (VMs): Never miss another important voice mail. Your VMs are immediately emailed directly to your computer or smartphone, so you always know if someone is waiting to hear from you.
  • Unlimited Extensions: Increase your mailboxes as your needs grow, and never stress over a shortage of storage again.
  • Transfer & Auto-Attendant: All of your calls will be answered, forwarded to you, and always recorded for your reference.
  • Call Forwarding: Easily forward calls to any number in the world.
  • Instant Messaging (IM): If you need information from a teammate when you’re on a call with a client, you can IM them a request, and relay the information to your caller immediately.
  • User-Friendly Travel Options: Travel is stressful enough. VoIP takes the stress out of business communications when you’re on the road.
  • Reduce Your Telecommunication Costs: You’ll never have to pay for installation, equipment or maintenance fees.

“How Can VoIP Service Benefit Our Small Business in New York and New Jersey?”

Our service offers your small or medium-sized business the advanced features that would be too costly to purchase and maintain on your own.

You’ll benefit from affordability and scalability.  You pay a fixed, monthly fee based on the number of users you have. Your service can also be scaled up or down as your workloads vary. You’ll never pay for services you don’t need.

There’s no need to pay upfront. Keep your cash reserves. You’ll never need to purchase equipment at any time. Everything is included in your monthly per-user fee. Your fee will be predictable and one you can budget for.  There will never be any surprise invoices.

You’ll have 24/7 service and support.  Your service will be monitored and maintained around the clock. Our technicians will be here if you have any issues. They’ll endeavor to keep you and your staff connected no matter what.

Increase your staff’s mobility. Your staff can make and receive calls on your VoIP service from anywhere via the Internet or their cell phones. You can plug a VoIP handset into a hotel room’s internet line. Your customers won’t know that you’re out of the office. Plus, you can make calls on your mobile phones from any place that offers Wi-Fi access while accessing all the same features your VoIP Business Phones provide.

Increase your staff’s productivity. All of your data and voice service can be stored on one network.  This increases accessibility and productivity because your staff will be able to easily locate whatever they need.  When making calls, they can attach documents, conduct virtual meetings, and share data via video conferencing.

Your calls will always be private.  If you have high-security requirements, our VoIP Business Phones will always keep your calls secure.  Hackers use “sniffer” software to listen to private conversations.  We can use encryption technology to prevent this.

Ensure your business continuity.  When the power is out, and phone lines go down in a fierce East Coast storm, you can still make and receive business calls wherever you have an internet connection.  And remember, you can always connect to your VoIP Business Phone service via your mobile phone, retrieve messages from auto-attendants, and get messages via voicemail-to-email. This keeps you connected and your business running.

VoIP Business Phones from Techsperts are affordable, reliable, efficient, secure and will save you money on long-distance calls and upfront costs. To learn more, schedule a complimentary demonstration.