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Data breaches cost businesses an average of $4.62 million per breach. While many businesses understand the importance of protecting their business and data from cyberattacks, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to counter attacks without help. Part of this is because of the sheer scale of the time, effort, and skills needed for internal security teams to detect and address advanced threats 24/7 – even the resources required to monitor and secure critical assets alone can be staggering.

Partnering with a network service provider can relieve this burden while ensuring your business is covered round the clock by qualified cybersecurity experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house. This can free up your time and budget, allowing you to focus more on driving business growth. With a network security service provider, your business can remain one step ahead of rapidly changing threats in an ever-evolving workplace.

Network Security Services In Oradell New Jersey

Why You Should Hire a Network Security Provider For Your NY and NJ Business

Hiring a network security service provider can offer you several benefits and help provide you with peace of mind, knowing you’re protected. Here are five reasons why outsourcing the security of your IT infrastructure to a well-trained, certified and professional network security service provider is critical to the success of your business.

1. Access to a Dedicated Team of Network Security Experts

Are your IT staff experts in network security? Do they know all the latest developments, techniques, and technologies that guarantee network security? One of the main benefits of working with a network security service provider is its broad cyber-security expertise, which many companies don’t have in-house, often at a lower cost.

That’s because a network security service provider has the resources to hire the most highly skilled and experienced IT security professionals, ensuring all aspects of your network security are maintained. These network security experts have more in-depth knowledge of common (and even esoteric) security issues than an in-house cybersecurity team will.

Unlike an in-house team that is only exposed to one company’s cybersecurity challenges, a network security service provider manages network security issues for several companies operating across different industries. This exposes them to many different attack strategies and security architectures and allows them to use advanced security techniques that they have tested on dozens of organizations, making them more effective, flexible, and adaptable.

2. Improved Network Security Posture

A network security service provider will ensure the integrity of your network and data. With a network security service provider, your systems and networks are monitored 24/7 using advanced security techniques such as predictive analytics to detect and prevent advanced threats. They will provide you with real-time threat intelligence technology to identify advanced malware attacks, persistent threats, and malicious attacks.

The 24/7/365 security operations centers ensure the best-in-class defense, real-time incident response, and operational optimization. When a cyberattack occurs, having a network security services provider gives you unmatched experience in crisis handling with the ability to assess and recommend specific actions to prevent further damage quickly. This lessens the chances of downtime and ensures prompt attention as soon as a potential breach is noted.

A network security service provider can:

  • Structurally detect and reduce vulnerabilities in critical systems
  • Proactively predict threats, especially and specifically for targeted cyberattacks
  • Automatically detect important offensive tactics and methods in critical systems
  • Respond effectively and quickly
  • Reduce the likelihood of an attack succeeding and becoming an ‘event’ that takes a lot of time to control

3. Network Security Training

The majority of cyberattacks begin with end-users, and in most cases, employees are often the most vulnerable link in your organization’s security. The most deadly and common security attacks are social engineering attacks, spear phishing, and ransomware attacks that target employees by email. If your employees are uninformed, you’ll be stuck in a vicious cycle where your IT team works around the clock to implement and maintain cybersecurity defenses while the rest of your employees click on suspicious links and reply to phishing emails, putting your entire business at risk.

Making your team at large aware of the many threats that exist – from data breaches to ransomware – will keep them from making simple mistakes that could threaten your organization’s safety. Partnering with the right network security service provider can provide staff training with a well-developed program based on the latest cybersecurity trends. A network security service provider will work with your company to ensure all your staff and users are adequately trained to prevent and detect cyber breaches, data breaches, and even ransomware attacks.

4. Vulnerability Assessments

Receive effective guidance when it comes to assessing your company’s cyber security posture, starting with identifying vulnerabilities that cybercriminals use to access your systems, data, and networks. With a network security service provider, a comprehensive cyber risk assessment and internal audit is performed across your network, resulting in an action plan addressing the key risk areas.

They will work to ensure the perimeter of your networks is always protected with vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and end-user threat assessments. The network security service provider will also offer you patches, configuration changes, policy compliance, and hardening of IT assets, devices, and applications and provide informative reports and interactive dashboards. This will ensure that any security breach is caught as soon as possible before significant damage occurs to your organization’s reputation or bottom line.

5. Email Security

Whether it be malware, phishing, URL-based threats, impostor-driven schemes like business email compromise (BEC), email is the primary method hackers use to deliver harmful programs to an organization. What’s more, the rapid adoption of cloud computing has only made it easier for cybercriminals to exploit email. The growing use of cloud-based email and document sharing solutions – such as Google Drive and Microsoft 365 – has opened up new attack vectors for cybercriminals.

Although many businesses rely on the built-in basic security settings provided by their cloud email service providers, these settings are woefully inadequate and can’t protect against advanced, emerging threats to your business. Your network security service provider can implement a proactive, threat-ready cloud email security solution. They can develop a comprehensive, layered cloud email security solution that seamlessly complements default cloud email protection with critical additional security defenses. These defenses include:

  • Anti-Phishing
  • Malware Protection
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Account Takeover Prevention

Finding the Right Network Security Service Provider In New Jersey & New York

A network security service provider can help alleviate many of the pressures you face daily: advanced malware, data breach threats, and resource constraints. Here are five characteristics you should look for in a reliable and capable network security service provider:

  • Expertise
  • Advanced protection offerings
  • Threat intelligence and management
  • Adherence to agreements
  • Customer service – responsiveness, communication, and speed are pivotal

Hire a Trusted New Jersey Network Security Service Provider Today!

Because of the increasing numbers and sophistication of cyberattacks, your business needs a more proactive approach to cyber security management. With Techsperts as your network security service provider, you can respond to cyber threats before they impact your business.

We provide around-the-clock vigilance and real-time reporting and analytics over your IT infrastructure, combining our powerful technology and the knowledge of our industry-leading security experts to help detect, investigate and remediate potential security threats. Contact us today and let us protect your New York and New Jersey businesses from malicious threats.


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