Get Connected To The Cloud

By now, you’ve without a doubt heard of the cloud. It’s growing in popularity amongst companies of all types and sizes – from small businesses to large corporations. The reason behind the cloud’s rapid growth likely lies in our growing dependence on information technology and making sure our systems and data are always available and accessible.

In the past, businesses would run applications or programs on a physical computer or server in the office. Nowadays, cloud computing enables businesses to access the same equipment over the Internet instead. Essentially, for those looking to digitally transform their company, the cloud is the way to go.

Have you ever thought about how costly information technology can be? On-premise servers require special rooms with additional ventilation and cooling; and all the equipment you purchase needs to be monitored, maintained, and supported on an ongoing basis. The costs add up fast.

The cloud, on the other hand, allows you access your data and applications stored in a secure facility outside of your office. Our cloud services reduce hardware requirements AND the cost of implementation, provisioning, and support. In addition to significantly cutting costs, you’re able to benefit from:

  • Better collaboration as your team members can share and access important information from any device or location.
  • Improved security as all data stored in the cloud is encrypted and protected with enterprise-grade security measures.
  • Enhanced competitiveness as the pay-as-you-go approach enables smaller companies to stay agile and compete with large businesses.
  • Less maintenance because updates are constantly applied so there’s no need to worry about staff not applying updates and causing issues.
  • Streamlined growth as you’re able to scale as needed – adding or removing team members, storage space, and more.
  • More environmentally friendly as you’re only using the energy you need and there’s no stress about leaving a huge carbon footprint.
  • Simplified recovery as the cloud offers business continuity in the event of a natural disaster, power outage, cyber-attack or other event causing downtime.

Cloud computing brings you many benefits that would otherwise be missed when leveraging on-premises equipment. You and your staff members can set up a virtual office anywhere, anytime in the event you’re unable to work from your existing location, whether you’re sick, on vacation, or a disaster occurs that keeps you from the office.

We provide the cloud services Oradell businesses trust to keep their staff from being chained to their desks.

Techsperts, LLC | Business IT Solutions and IT Services Provider in Oradell provides a range of cloud services depending on your unique needs and requirements. We’re able to offer:

  • Microsoft Office 365: Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools that can be installed across multiple computers and devices. A subscription gives you access to Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, and Access.
  • Microsoft Azure: Microsoft Azure gives you a multitude of options, including full virtual machines, file storage, backups, databases, and various other services for mobile and web apps.
  • Amazon Web Services: A platform that gives you the ability to build sophisticated applications for content delivery, database storage, computing power, and more.
  • Managed Cloud Backup: A reliable backup that keeps copies of your important data and applications stored offsite, so if you’re ever in a situation wherein you need to recover, it’s a few clicks away.
  • RingCentral VoIP Business Phones: Cloud-based phones that give you and your team access to tons of enterprise-grade features while cutting your phone bill in half.
  • Email and Web Hosting: Hosted email and web platforms give you peace of mind knowing we’re hosting, managing, and securing your email and/or website at all times.

If you’re working in a highly regulated industry, such as financial services or healthcare, you’re able to rest assured knowing our cloud services will meet all compliance standards – from HIPAA to SSAE to PCI and everything in between. We put security first on our list of priorities because we know it’s important for you.

As an added benefit, when you’re utilizing our cloud services, you’ll experience far fewer issues in terms of problems and troubleshooting compared to on-premises equipment. This means less support, which in turn, means less money spent on maintaining your information technology infrastructure.

Get started with our cloud services now – before you fall behind the competition. Call Techsperts, LLC | Business IT Solutions and IT Services Provider in Oradell at (201) 262-5066 or send us an email at to find out more.