Avoid This Dangerous Android Malware That Can Infiltrate Your Systems

Dangerous Android Malware

Just when you think it’s safe to download any application within the Android store, a malicious chunk of code hijacks its way into your life. The recent outbreak of DEFENSOR ID snuck past the diligent eyes of the Google Store reviewers, masquerading as an accessibility service. Unfortunately, instead of providing help and support — this particular application quickly infiltrates your system and can cause significant damage without being detected. Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their attacks, actively looking for ways to bypass the watchful app store engineers and sneak their way into your mobile devices. Malware is becoming a rising threat for Android users, with Malwarebytes reporting a wide range of problems including malware that is coming pre-installed within devices.

Android Malware

What You Need to Know about DEFENSOR ID

The individuals behind the DEFENSOR ID banking Trojan programmed their application to take advantage of a variety of services that were already available within Android mobile devices, such as the accessibility features that are meant to help provide a consistent experience for all users. Unfortunately, having access to this information allows hackers to launch a range of other services — such as capturing sensitive information that is stored within apps that are launched from your device. You can imagine the value of the information that can be leveraged in this way, with everything from bank codes to passwords and personal health information accessed from your mobile devices on a regular basis. Not only can these nefarious individuals capture what you are putting into the phone, but they can also launch other programs and even uninstall applications. While the idea of Trojan malware isn’t new, it’s rare that this virulent of an application is able to make it through the rigorous approval process required by the Google Play and Apple App Stores and into your personal mobile devices.

How to Defend Against DEFENSOR ID and Other Malware on Your Android Device

Few systems are perfect, and there’s always the possibility that other malicious applications will sneak their way through your defenses. Fortunately, there are a few tips that will help protect you and your organization from falling victim to this type of senseless attack.

Limit the Applications on Your Devices

The easiest way to reduce the risk that you’ll become a victim of mobile malware? Limit the applications that you load onto your phone. While the Apple App Store offers some additional levels of review, the Google Play Store tends to be a bit more lenient in terms of passing applications through approval processes. When your business information and applications are at stake in a company-owned mobile device, it makes sense to reduce the ability of users to load anything beyond the business-approved applications.

Add Antivirus and Anti-Malware to Your Mobile Devices

Did you know that you can add antivirus, anti-malware, and advanced authentication to your mobile devices? This is a great option for companies that do not specifically provide mobile devices for their staff, yet allow employees to access corporate networks, business applications, or data from their personal devices. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has continued to expand, with over 60% of workers utilizing their personal devices for work practices. The savings that companies experience by allowing users to bring their own devices from home has increased the popularity of this practice.

Whether your staff is utilizing personal devices for business purposes or you want to protect your corporate device assets, it’s vital that you are aware of the risks from malware such as DEFENSOR ID. Fortunately, the professionals at Techsperts, LLC is well-versed in protecting corporate networks while ensuring your users have to access to the information and applications they need to be successful. Contact the Techsperts team at 201-262-5066 or via email to info@techspertsllc.com to schedule your complimentary consultation.


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