Top Five Reasons To Clean Your Phone To Avoid Coronavirus

Top Five Reasons To Clean Your Smart Phone To Avoid Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus on everyone’s agenda, here are some excellent reasons to keep your smartphone clean to help stave off viral infections that could make you sick.  

The only thing certain in life is change. Adaptation is the best way to manage change effectively and still reach your life goals. Accordingly, many business organizations are focused on finding simple adjustments they can use to continue the march toward success in these uncertain times. However, the most fundamental adjustments are those that allow you to remain healthy.

Here are a few reasons you need to keep your smartphone clean to stay as healthy as possible.

Clean your smartphone coronavirus

Smartphones Are the Perfect Micro-organism Transportation Device

If viruses created the perfect transportation system, they would create something very similar to smartphones. There is no other device that stays within reach of humans from the time they wake up, to bedtime. Many people even take them to bathrooms. Our hands frequently carry them, the runner-up to the perfect delivery system. Finally, a significant portion of the population still uses them adjacent to our faces. Smartphones go everywhere viruses want to live.

Viruses Can Live For Days On Phones

Being the perfect transportation system, microorganisms can live on smartphones for days. According to research published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, certain viruses can live on surfaces like plastic, glass, and metal for up to nine days. That means if you encounter a dangerous virus like Covid-19 at any point, you can still transfer it to your face even if you don’t make a call for a week.

Hand Washing With An Unclean Phone

It is a familiar routine. You go to the bathroom and put your phone down to wash your hands. Then you pick up your phone and walk out. In the past few years, many public bathroom devices have gone automatic. That prevents us from having to touch handles, soap dispensers, and doorknobs that may not be as clean as our hands. However, the phone is still the last vestige of whatever nasty organisms you just washed off your hands.

Smart Phones Sample Multiple Viral Environments

Think about all the places your smartphone has been in the last nine days. This morning it likely touched a nightstand, kitchen table, home bathroom, and car. Then it touched conference room tables, office desks, restaurant tables, and public bathroom surfaces. Of course, now most of the world is living in some kind of isolation. You are now probably spending more time than ever connecting with people through your smartphone and all the viral pests it carries.

Meanwhile Cleaning The Phone Is Easy

The best reason to keep your phone clean is that it is so easy. Smartphone giant Apple has even provided some clarification on the best safe cleaning methods. While it is not safe to use sprays or liquids, using an alcohol-based wipe is enough. It might not be a bad idea to wipe the phone every time you are exposed to the public.

Staying Healthy

No matter what plans you have for your enterprise, you need your health. As much as we all wash our hands and practice social distancing, remember that phones can still transfer critters. Keeping your phones clean is a great step toward reaching your goals.