Cybersecurity Trends Impacting Businesses Across New Jersey

Cybersecurity Trends Impacting New Jersey

As we start a new year, it becomes pretty important for businesses to think about the future. Businesses need to focus more on updating their business. With more and more technological advancements that are evolving at a rapid pace, there is no time to sit back and think. Besides, new cybersecurity trends impact small as well as big businesses. Many big names like Colonial Pipeline, JBS Foods, Brenntag, and Kaseya saw significant cyberattacks in the past year. This has made other companies aware of the need of adding secure and innovative IT solutions and other extra security features to protect their business from hackers/scammers. Using cutting-edge technologies like multi-factor authentication can work in favor of businesses. Suppose you’re in the business industry and wish to keep your business data and other confidential information secure. In that case, all you need to do is opt for cybersecurity measures and high tech solutions. Let’s have a look at how cyber security trends impact businesses across New Jersey.

Cybersecurity Trends Impacting Businesses Across New Jersey

How Have Cyber Attacks Evolved In The Past Years?

Cyberattacks have evolved significantly over the past 12 months. With more and more cybercriminals attacking businesses, it’s important for them to incorporate proactive measures to add extra security. Cybercriminals often find a single loophole to exploit business data and other confidential information. This is where it becomes quite vital to add a few cybersecurity measures. As per the SonicWall report, cyberattacks are rising at an alarming rate. Cybercriminals are finding ways not just to encrypt files, but they go beyond it and encrypt backups. Until and unless the company agrees to pay the ransom amount, cyberattackers threaten them with leaking their personal information. For this reason, protecting your data by enhancing the level of security is extra important. This will protect the confidential assets of a business and help them stay ahead of the competition.

What Lessons Can Be Learned From The Biggest Cyber Attacks In Recent History?

One of the biggest cyberattacks was done to the Orion software product of SolarWinds. Cyber attackers used different measures to attack the company’s product line. With the help of a supply line attack, cyber attackers attacked the product line by planting malicious code. The attack was proof that regardless of how big your company or organization is, it would be nearly impossible to thrive in the competitive market without the high-security features. Therefore, a company must have security solutions and a cyber breach response plan. Besides that, focusing on upskilling employees holds the same importance. Employees must know how to avoid data breaches and keep the company protected against breaches.

What Will Future Cyber Attacks Look Like?

To run a successful business in the highly competitive market, you need to adjust your business and prepare it for cyber attacks. The companies that aren’t working on the cyber security measures are at stake. With the attacks becoming more serious and sophisticated, companies need to adopt new technologies and techniques to protect against attacks. Aside from business owners themselves, the state and the federal government should empower and encourage business owners to enhance the level of security. With the right tools in hand, small and big business owners can protect their business data from intelligent cyberattackers.

How Can A Business Owner Protect His Organizations From Cybercriminals?

According to writing in Cybercrime Magazine, cybercriminals have infected businesses globally. Businesses have lost around $6 trillion globally in the past 12 months. Homeland Security Today says that cybercrimes rose about 63% and highly damaged the confidential assets of the businesses. Suppose you’re a business owner who hasn’t yet tried to secure their business. In that case, it’s important to take the right steps to secure their infrastructure and lessen the time needed to recover from ransomware cybercrimes.

Tips For Businesses To Protect Their Business Against Ransomware Cybercrimes

  • Hardware Security Is Important – Businesses should use different measures to protect their business against cyber attacks. It’s important to add 2-factor authentication and BitLocker device encryption to ensure that your business data is safe from the hands of attackers. If any device is misplaced or stolen, businesses must encourage remote-wiping the mobile device. This will help you to remove the data and at the same time keep your business secure.
  • Data Encryption And Backup – Data encryption is one of the best ways to help business owners enhance the security level in the organization. In case of data breaches, an organization can make the data inaccessible to avoid it from the wrong hands.
  • Network Security Scan – With the on-time network security scan, businesses can identify the loopholes in their business. This will help you identify the attached devices and know the security measures that must be taken to protect them. The best idea to protect your business is by opting for a security scan from time to time.
  • Employee Training – Employees are one of the weakest security points in any organization. If you wish to keep your business protected from data breaches, it’s a smart idea to train your current employees. This will help your employees to know how and when a cybercriminal can attack the business and damage it.
  • Cyber Insurance – Even if you’re attacked by ransomware after protecting your business to a large extent, cyber insurance can help you to cover up the expenses. This will help you to keep your business afloat after the occurrence of cybercrime.

Techsperts Understand The Importance Of Cyber Security & Can Help You To Protect Your Business

At Techsperts, we understand that businesses need to focus more and more on cyber security measures. This is why we are always on the mission to help business owners to minimize the risks associated with cybercrimes. Now that you’ve got an idea about how cyber security trends impact businesses across New Jersey, it’s time for you to implement a well-thought response plan to safeguard your business. Our highly skilled and experienced cyber security experts will protect your entire infrastructure from recent as well as emerging cyber security threats. Contact our team today to get your hands on the cyber security services you can count on.

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