Need IT Strategy and Execution Without Hiring a Full-Time CTO?

Need IT Strategy and Execution Without Hiring a Full-Time CTO?

Is your startup or small business struggling to define long-term IT strategies? Get the C-suite support without the price tag when you consider a fractional CTO.  

CTOs, or Chief Technology Officers, are critical to maintaining momentum in a world where the intersection between business and technology is evolving rapidly. Some larger organizations have a CTO devoted to a division, providing the strategic support and long-term vision needed to keep the company running smoothly and innovating for the future. Unfortunately, smaller businesses and start-ups simply can’t afford this level of strategic oversight for technology and are often “making do” with an IT director or even manager. These individuals are often brilliant, but overworked — making it extremely difficult to find the time to be strategic and create an actionable plan that will help the company stay competitive and streamline operations. With an average of 40% of technology spending heading towards digital transformation, it makes sense to ensure that you’re obtaining top-notch strategy and execution support for your business.

Driving Business Process Transformation

Fractional CTOs, also known as vCTOs, are individuals with vast experience in technology and business at the C-suite level. Finding someone with this level of experience and expertise can be daunting, particularly when you consider the salary and benefits required to add an executive to your team. When you work with a fractional CTO, you are gaining access to someone who can draw on a great breadth of knowledge from organizations of all sizes and industries — dramatically more than an individual working full-time at a single organization. A vCTO may have dealt with similar challenges at a similarly-sized organization a few months ago as opposed to years in the past (or never!), a boon in the quick-changing technology world. Your fractional CTO is familiar with the need to rapidly scale up their knowledge of an organization and will be able to provide value in the form of strategic insight and operational knowledge as well as the ability to speak in a language that is compelling for business professionals.

How Can a Fractional CTO Support Your Company?

If you’re wondering how a fractional CTO can support your organization, there are a few items that are often at the top of the list for these professionals:

  • Creating a secure, sustainable and extensible IT infrastructure that is robust enough to face future competitive threats.
  • Review, revise and execute a long-term technology strategy that makes sense for your business.
  • Help define the right mix of in-house and outsourced solutions that will drive excellence in operations and balance IT cost structures.
  • Become a turnaround agent, driving digital process transformation throughout the organization.

Since your fractional CTO is not a part of the day-to-day political maneuvering within your company, it is easier for this individual to make recommendations that are based purely on the perspective of benefit to the business.

Still not sure whether a fractional Chief Technology Officer is the right move for your business? Contact the professionals at Techsperts at 201-262-5066 or via email to to schedule your complimentary initial consultation. Whether you need support during a period of change and growth or simply want to assure that your organization is well-situated for the future, our strategic advisors can help. We provide the business continuity planning, governance and compliance recommendations, cybersecurity and disaster recovery planning that your company needs to be successful.


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