The CEO’s Guide to Choosing the Right IT Company In New Jersey

Information For New Jersey CEOs Selecting A New IT Company

Protecting your organization got a lot tougher over the past few years. Not only do you have to worry about physical operations, waves in the business world and financial security, you now have to be concerned with the serious threats coming your way digitally. Cybersecurity is a leading topic for CEOs and one that isn’t always well-understood — even by lifetime technology professionals. A solid focus on protecting your digital assets is one of the key criteria that savvy business leaders use when selecting the right IT company in New Jersey to fit your needs. Reliable support, always-on availability for your business infrastructure and a focus on customer service are a given, but will your IT service provider also become a true partner that provides the flexibility you need to support future growth?

Benefits of Outsourcing to an IT Company in New Jersey

When your technology team is pulled in a variety of different directions, you may find that certain things are slowly falling behind. It may not seem like anything big at first — just a few non-critical patches, or perhaps an update here or there — but before you know it, your team is significantly behind in a way that opens your organization up to a higher-than-acceptable level of risk. Cybercrime is set to cost global businesses more than $6 trillion annually by 2021, a figure that continues to rise every year. Keeping all of your platforms updated, integrations tight and data secure are more important than ever before, and working with a dedicated IT company in New Jersey provides you with the active focus on data and application security that can help protect your business from cybercriminals.

Besides providing a more secure environment, outsourcing your technology needs can also help your teams become more productive by smoothing hiccups in operations and defining processes that will reduce or eliminate any extraneous steps. Even something as simple as needing to stop to reset a password can drain several minutes per day, which can really add up over time. When you factor in the need for your IT staff to perform daily maintenance on all the various devices your staff members want to use . . . it’s not impossible to imagine a 20-30% productivity gain for your teams simply by outsourcing help desk support.

What Type of Services Do the Best IT Companies in New Jersey Provide?

Depending on your needs, a managed IT services company can fulfill a variety of slots within your organization. Perhaps you simply need help desk support and proactive user and software license management. Maybe you are looking for a more proactive focus on business continuity and disaster recovery. You might even need professional support in defining a more secure environment for your applications and users. The good news is that the right IT company in New Jersey will be able to handle all of these requests — and more. Here are a few of the key services that your service partner may provide:

  • Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office 365 account management and licensing
  • Spam and malware management for email and web browsing
  • End-to-end device management and security
  • Active network monitoring, breach alerts and fast remediation
  • Cloud storage hosting and support
  • Virtual CIO services, such as major project management and budgeting
  • Data backup and recovery solutions
  • Telephony services

A key differentiator is their ability to provide onsite support in the New York and New Jersey area.

Questions to Ask Your Prospective IT Company in New Jersey

Starting the conversation with a new technology partner requires a period of getting to know each other, and these topics will help provide you with a starting point. Some of the key questions you should ask your prospective IT company in New Jersey to answer include:

  • What are the services that you do NOT recommend outsourcing?
  • What are your reporting recommendations and communication schedule?
  • How often will you provide a full review of our business and make recommendations for future changes?
  • What are the unique strengths — and any weaknesses — of your technical staff?
  • What are your guaranteed service levels and timing?
  • How can your proactive security services combat the 600% increase in IoT cybersecurity attacks over the past several years?
  • Do you offer onsite as well as remote support to my area?
  • Are your security processes monitored 24/7/365?
  • Where are your technicians and customer support staff geographically located?
  • What are the key types of challenges you are supporting in our business vertical?
  • Will you help our team develop proactive backup and disaster recovery procedures?
  • Do you provide hosted, local or hybrid cloud services?
  • Are your data centers regionally located and redundant?
  • Do you offer Infrastructure or Hardware as a Service (HaaS)?
  • Are you able to negotiate reduced-cost software licenses for our business?
  • How much experience do you have supporting our vertical?
  • Have your technicians worked with our unique software applications and operating systems in the past?
  • Do you have cybersecurity experts on staff?
  • Have your technicians and support personnel maintained certifications for key vendor partners such as Cisco and Microsoft?
  • What is your philosophy around on-premise software and hardware versus cloud-based or virtualized services?
  • Does your team have experience helping an organization recover from a cyberattack?

Hopefully, these questions can serve as a thought-starter for you as you begin your journey to find the right IT company in New Jerseyfor your unique business needs.

Understanding the Value that an IT Partner Provides

Outsourcing any crucial aspect of your business can be troubling to key business leaders, which makes it essential for CEOs to have a deep understanding of the value proposition of outsourcing your technology needs. Not only will it free up time for your technical staff to innovate and provide a more consistent platform for business users, but you’ll also see significant gains in budgeting. Technology spending is often difficult to predict. While you can forecast that you will need to replace hardware every few years, the costs associated with a cyberattack or natural disaster are nearly impossible to predict. Working with a technology solutions provider gives you greater predictability with your spending, making it possible to create a budget that will support the true needs of the business instead of having to add padding “just in case” something happens.

Looking for a partner — especially a long-term solutions provider for your infrastructure — will take some time, but the long-term payoff is significant. Your partner will help you bypass any bumps in the road and be a strategic part of your organization going forward, acting as an extension of your leadership team while keeping your organization’s growth needs in mind at all times. Ready to learn more about a proactive IT company in New Jersey? Contact the professionals at Techsperts today at 201-262-5066, or by booking your initial consultation online anytime. We work with organizations of all sizes in the New Jersey and New York area, securely managing their entire infrastructure.

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