Hiring An IT Professional In New Jersey? (Questions/Answers)

What to Look for When Hiring an IT Professional

What skills and certifications should a business owner look for when hiring in-house IT experts? Is it better to hire an experienced IT expert or save money by finding one straight out of university? Are “soft skills” important or should technical expertise be a priority? Read on to discover how to find the IT professional who can best meet your company’s needs.

Hiring An IT Professional In New Jersey

Start with the Soft Skills

A recent study shows that good communication skills are the single most important quality potential employers look for and it’s not hard to understand why. Your IT technician will need to be able to work well with other staff members, management, executives, and, in the case of IT managed services, communicate amicably with the general public.

Two other important soft skills are initiative and adaptability. Will your IT technician proactively look for ways to improve your IT operations or assess the system for vulnerabilities that could lead to a future attack, or will he or she kick back after fixing immediate problems? Is your IT technician willing to learn new skills and stay abreast of industry developments? Can the technician solve problems without help or will he or she immediately run to management every time something goes wrong?

Prioritize the Right Technical Skills and Certifications

It’s wise to pick a technician who has experience in your industry and is aware of industry regulations, requirements and IT needs. This is particularly important if you work in a sensitive field such as the medical industry, legal industry, or education. If you are hiring a technician straight out of university, ask if he or she has taken industry-relevant courses to provide the skills your company will need now and in the future.

Other important skills to ask about include:

  • Do you have experience with mobile and/or IOS app development?
  • Do you know how to help a business select the best cloud set-up? Can you help a business transition securely and easily to the cloud and then monitor the cloud set-up to protect it from breaches?
  • Do you know JavaScript, Angular JS, and Python?

Experts agree that experience should take priority over certificates; however, that doesn’t mean that certificates should be ignored altogether. Look for an IT technician who has more than one certificate, as this shows that he or she is willing to continue learning new skills. Certificates in cybersecurity, governance, compliance, and policy are the most common and these should come from authoritative sources such as Cisco, CompTIA, and Microsoft.

Introducing Techsperts LLC

Is your business unable to find an IT technician who can meet your needs at a cost you can afford? Alternatively, do you have one or two great technicians but need additional IT assistance for special projects? If so, Techsperts can provide professional, expert IT monitoring, support, consulting, and practical assistance that will help your business get ahead and reach its core goals.

Our IT managed service team is based in New Jersey and offers a wide range of services, including help desk services, cloud services, business telephone services, cybersecurity, IT governance, and business continuity planning. Our staff members are experienced, certified, and have the tools and skills needed to not only fix problems but also proactively look for ways to improve your IT set-up to boost staff morale, improve customer service offerings, help you save money on IT operating expenses, bring in customers, and more. Get in touch with us at your convenience to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment with one of our IT experts.


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