Techsperts’ IT Services, Support Cures Firms Costly Disruption

The necessity of IT support has become so prevalent in today’s business landscape that the right fit can make or break a small and mid-sized company. Downtime costs companies upwards of $1.55 billion per year globally and two-thirds of businesses experience technology interruptions.

That’s why outsourcing IT support to a team that is well-suited to meet the real-time demands required to keep a small and mid-sized organization up and running has become fundamental to achieving goals and earning profits. Recently, Techsperts in New Jersey came to the aid of a tax consulting firm that was experiencing unnecessary and costly technology disruption. The accounting firm had decided to change IT support providers due to a series of issues that negatively impacted its workflow.

“When we first started working with them, they had intermittent email issues and lacked the ability to access their emails reliably on their mobile devices,” a Techsperts team member said. “They had an aging server and network equipment that was overtaxed. They also lacked sufficient network security and data backups.”

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What this firm desperately needed was an IT support team who could analyze the current deficiencies, comprehend the full breadth of its needs and optimize its technology systems. That’s precisely what happened.

“We have since upgraded their server hardware, computer hardware, network equipment and moved their onsite exchange email services to the cloud,” a Techsperts technician said. “We now provide them with a managed cloud backup solution, managed antivirus as well as newly implemented email security to help protect against ransomware, phishing, and other email threats.”

Falling behind in the latest technology and cybersecurity measures has emerged as an all too familiar problem with small and mid-sized outfits. Hackers tend to remain in the cutting edge of illegal methods to penetrate business systems. Among the primary MOs used is ransomware delivered to employees in the guise of everyday business correspondence. Techsperts brings a team of talented cybersecurity experts to build and secure a company’s network, email, workstations, mobile devices, cloud applications and much more.

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It’s crucial for small and mid-sized businesses to recognize that major corporations are no longer the primary target of nefarious hackers. Hackers have shifted their focus away from major corporations and search for what many call the “low hanging fruit.” In other words, small and mid-sized outfits that do not invest in IT outsourcing for sustainable real-time monitoring and cyber defense.

The accounting firm that Techsperts worked collaboratively with had a long-standing reputation of excellence with its team of under 20 employees. This is exactly the type of organization that cybercriminals target if their defenses are not adequate.

Infecting a company with ransomware that cripples the organization until the hacker gets paid anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars has proven to be more lucrative to cybercriminals than penetrating Fortune 500s. Ease and volume line hackers’ pockets, not splashy headlines.

The average cost to companies isn’t just the ransom. Between downtime, lost wages, and network restoration among others, the average price tops $130,000 when an outfit is penetrated. Despite these well-known threats, more than 90 percent of all businesses may be unprepared to fend off a hacker. Fortunately, Techsperts works diligently to protect critical business data from cybertheft.

What’s Included In Techsperts New Jersey IT Services?

But beyond Techsperts updating the cyber defenses, other costly technology disruptions were creating frustrating downtime as well. Programs required updating, virus scans implemented, and ongoing maintenance and monitoring were needed to eradicate unnecessary tech-related work stoppages. In terms of helping the accounting firm, Techsperts employed the following appropriate technology solutions.

  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance
  • New Server Equipment
  • Cloud Exchange Email
  • Untangle Firewall
  • VPN
  • Managed Cloud Backup
  • Endpoint Security
  • Email Security and Filtering

The Techsperts experts also brought their relationships with partners such as Lenovo, Dell, Mozy Pro, and many others to bear to quell the costly disruption plaguing the firm’s workflow and efficiency. But perhaps even more importantly, the Techsperts team stepped in to manage and provide IT services for the firm’s ongoing technologies.

While some tech people address issues through the antiquated “break-and-fix” philosophy, Techsperts is fully committed to ongoing IT support that offers proactive solutions to emerging threats, regularly scheduled maintenance and real-time monitoring.

“We provide server and workstation monitoring and maintenance, managed cloud backup, managed antivirus, email security and filtering, cloud exchange email, domain management, and web hosting,” Techsperts said of its hands-on work with the firm. “We handle everything IT for them.”

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The final outcome was an accounting firm that moved from suffering stifling workflow disruption to one that enjoyed smooth running systems, electronic communication and shrugged off costly downtime. Techsperts provides critical managed IT services and support for small and mid-sized businesses in the greater New Jersey and New York areas and has earned a reputation for proactive solutions and forward-thinking consulting.