Criteria CEOs Must Consider When Hiring an NJ IT Support Company

As the CEO of your company, you know all too well that every partnership you form will either increase your company’s value and generate more revenue, or it will drain your company’s resources and slowly peel away your success.

IT Support companies are no different.

Partnering with any IT professional is nothing short of a line item on your budget that will either signify a proprietary loss or gain. So, ask yourself this baseline question:

What Criteria must I consider when hiring an IT support NJ Company?

Once you establish your criteria for partnering with a company, then find the company that fits the bill and work toward making the partnership profitable.

An IT Support Company Must Advance Your Company Forward

If you are hiring an IT provider just to fix a few problems here and there, then, chances are, your technology is outdated, you are unprotected from today’s cyber threats, and your competition has already left you in the dust.

Modern IT companies do not focus on repairs and problems anymore. The new mindset is geared toward helping clients create a scalable IT infrastructure that prepares a company for massive success. In fact, technology is the catalyst for helping a company go beyond the success threshold. This is why digital transformation has become the number one objective of all forward-thinking CEOs. Digital transformation doesn’t just include going from manual processes to digital processes. Transformation is an ongoing ever-evolving process that takes you from one stage of digitization to the next while meeting the technological demands of your industry.

So, what does that look like tangibly? How should an NJ-based IT company help you advance your company forward? As a CEO, you should look for these types of products and services:

  • Managed IT services
  • Cloud technologies
  • Business continuity planning
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data backup
  • Communication upgrades & solutions
  • Onsite and offsite 24/7 customer support

These are the absolute essential services that today’s IT companies should provide.

An IT Support Provider MUST Protect Your Company from Cyber Attacks

According to the Ponemon Institute study, the following presents the greatest threat to your IT network.

  • Advanced malware
  • Advanced persistent threats (APTs)
  • DNS-based data exfiltration
  • Unauthorized network access
  • Ransomware
  • Phishing and social engineering

When considering an IT support provider, you need to look at what products & services the company is providing to address these issues in a proactive — not reactive — manner. After all, when it comes to cybersecurity, the standard approach to cyber attacks is prevention, not restoration. So, ask your IT provider this question: What are you doing to stay ten steps ahead of the criminals and agencies that are constantly trying to hack my system?

A capable IT company should be able to provide multi-layered or multi-faceted IT security solutions that create a digital hedge around your entire organization:

  • End-to-end protection
  • Email and data encryption
  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Business continuity strategies
  • Secure cloud platforms
  • User authentication

A high-level of security should exist on all digital devices and platforms such as the network, emails, workstations, mobile devices, cloud applications, websites, software, and hardware.

Your NJ IT Support Company Should Carry Executive Level Credentials

Here’s something to think about: At what level in your business would you expect an IT professional to operate? Would you hire an entry-level IT support staff to have privileged information to your entire corporation? Probably not. Therefore, if you partner with an IT company to handle your entire network, you need to work with professionals that you can trust at the executive level.

What do executive level IT Support NJ companies look like?

  • They hold certifications that directly apply to their line of work.
  • Each technician within the company has a minimum of five years of experience in their field. Each technician also undergoes ongoing training to keep up with technology demands.
  • The company has worked with high-level executives in other companies in your industry.
  • Like a CEO, the company has a demonstrable track record of success complete with references, case studies, and a portfolio.
  • Like a CEO, the company is well-respected by their clients, their peers, and other industry leaders.
  • The IT provider can demonstrate that it understands what it takes to handle IT for an entire entity at the corporate level beyond any single segment within your organization. The overriding principle here is that an IT company can manage a full takeover of your digital infrastructure and run it autonomously, yet remain accountable to you or another administrator.

The bottom line is this: Approach an IT support NJ company like you would any other executive-level partnership — not just as another vendor.

The IT Provider Should Provide an Omnichannel Model for User Experience (UX) and Customer Service (CS)

From a client perspective, what makes or breaks an IT company is its quality and level of customer support. Since one of your roles as a CEO is to take care of your organization and everyone involved with it, then you must partner with a company that is passionate about providing the highest level of care in the most efficient manner.

What are some ways that an IT company demonstrates that it’s willing to provide exceptional customer support through multiple channels? Does it offer both onsite and offsite support? Can a customer create a ticket through emails, phone calls, and texts? Is there a dedicated account manager that forms a business relationship with the client? Does the company provide multiple solutions for the same issue?

IT Support & IT Consulting New Jersey

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