How FindTime From Microsoft Simplifies Scheduling  

Make Scheduling Easier with Microsoft FindTime

Microsoft FindTime is an add-on that helps you reach a consensus on a meeting time. Planning a meeting can take up a lot of your time. It can turn out to be even more time-consuming than the actual meeting. With FindTime, you can find out the dates that are most convenient for others in your organization.

Once you have proposed a suitable date for the meeting, others can vote. When you come to an agreement, FindTime will send out a meeting invite on your behalf. You can then avoid the back and forth of setting up a meeting on a date that works for everyone.

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How Does It Work

To start using the free add-on, you need to download it, and you will notice an icon at eth end of the ribbon. Click on it to get started. The add-on uses the free/busy information on Outlook to promote easy scheduling. If you intend to set up a meeting, send out an email proposing a potential meeting time with your members of staff.

If the date is not convenient for everyone, they have an opportunity to select alternative meeting times. After everyone responds, you can go with the most popular date. On the online poll, you don’t only see everyone’s ideal date but also their ideal time. After reaching a consensus, invites will automatically be sent out through Outlook.

What are the Perks of FindTime?

One of the most significant benefits of FindTime is that it can encrypt your details. The body and subject of your email are both encrypted. The goal is to protect your personal information.

It makes it possible to schedule meetings without having to deal with the frustrations. Even though there are a few time-scheduling apps in the market, FindTime is the largest one. It is the best option for Outlook users.

Even though it is great, FindTime is only available for Outlook Web Access, Outlook 2013, and Outlook 2016. However, Microsoft will tweak it to support more programs in the future.

FindTime Features

  • It can find the target employees in your Outlook database
  • Sending emails to the selected employees
  • Email recipients can accept or decline a proposed date
  • Recipients can suggest ideal times. All recipients vote
  • The add-on can find the best date and time based on recipients’ Outlook calendar
  • Sends meeting invites
  • You can include anyone as long as they have an email address and internet access. They don’t need to have a FindTime

Even though FindTime is a fairly new feature, it has found its footing in the marketplace. Its popularity increases as more people continue using Outlook. It is the perfect tool for scheduling a meeting. FindTime takes care of the processes of setting up your meeting, sending out invites, sending email reminders, and sending out general information about the nature of the meeting. It can save you plenty of time.

The age-old question of how to find a meeting date that works for everyone no longer needs to be a problem. FindTime makes it easy to schedule meetings. Scheduling a meeting with one person can be difficult, especially if you have different schedules. It can be even more challenging to match the plans of four to five people. The add-on can take away the headache.

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