What Are Network Engineers or Network Administrators?

What Are Network Engineers or Network Administrators?

Network engineers and network administrators are positions that hold great importance. Read this blog to learn more about these vital network positions.  

Elon Musk once said, “I don’t spend my time pontificating about high-concept things; I spend my time-solving engineering and manufacturing problems.”

This is the mindset that creates the best network engineers of our time.

A network engineer or network administrator is a critical position in the world that we live in today. With technology advancing rapidly and network infrastructure more crucial than ever before, these jobs are extremely important. Furthermore, with the threat landscape also increasing, the protection of large networks and data centers is vital for business success.

No matter your position within technology or business, it’s essential to understand more about these positions and what they entail. Keep reading to learn more about network engineers, including their job descriptions, salary expectations, and much more.

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Network Engineer Job Responsibilities

A network engineer or network administrator is a position that involves working with teams to develop intricate communication systems. These positions heavily involve analytical tasks used to bring networks together. The responsibilities depend on your specific position and your experience level. Still, some positions include leading a team to develop computer networks, including the overall planning, management, and architectural design of communications systems.

Network Engineer or Administrator Degree Programs

A college degree is typically required to obtain one of these positions. While job experience, training courses, and certifications are beneficial when trying to achieve one of these jobs, a bachelor’s degree is one of the most critical steps to consider. There are different approaches when it comes to education for these career fields, but the common areas of study include:

  • Information technology
  • Engineering
  • Computer science
  • Programming
  • Other related courses

In some cases, employers may require that you obtain a master’s degree for employment. Also, employers do favor those with work experience in the field before applying for the position.

Desired Skills

To become a network engineer or network administrator, there are some desired skills that employers look for. These include:

Attention to Detail

This is a strict requirement for many employers looking to hire one of these positions. That is because the job requires employees to consider the smallest of details for many different processes. When developing blueprints for a corporate network, all components must work together seamlessly. That being said, paying attention to every fine detail is essential for the success of the project.


In this career field, processes and strategies may take months to develop and deploy. That being said, this job also requires a great deal of patience. An employee must recognize what’s needed for the job to work appropriately, and then they must take as much time as required for the project to run smoothly.

Analytical Mindset

Having an analytical mindset is also very beneficial for this career field. Crunching numbers, examining reports, and using data-driven models are all aspects of the job that happen daily, so a network engineer must be comfortable dealing with analytics consistently.


Another strong skill of network engineers involves organization. Planning and development layouts are an essential job requirement for these positions, so organizational skills are very beneficial for those pursuing one of these careers. Since it’s vital for everyone on a team to understand the process and approach for any given project, staying organized can be very beneficial for everyone involved.

Network Administrator Salary

The salary of a network administrator or network engineer can be very impressive. Furthermore, there is a lot of growth with these positions, which provides the opportunity to make even more over time. On the low end of the spectrum, these positions earn a salary of around $55,000. On the high end of the pay scale, these positions earn around $158,000 per year on average. That being said, the average salary of a network engineer is about $70,000.

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