Top NJ IT Consultants For 2019 (Ratings/Reviews)

Who Are The Top NJ IT Consultants?

When your company suddenly experiences IT problems, and you need to hire reputable NJ IT consultants, who do you turn to in New Jersey? Furthermore, what criteria do you use to determine who the best IT team is for your particular business or industry?

Below, we take a close look at some of the most notable IT companies in New Jersey and highlight what characteristics make them a good candidate for your company.

Establishing Your Criteria for Hiring NJ IT Consultants

Before we take a look at the IT companies below, ask yourself why you are choosing a particular consultant and what expertise do they possess that precisely matches your company’s needs.

For instance, are you looking for an IT consultant that can simply solve an immediate problem or do you prefer a specialist who can provide both a long-term solution while identifying ways that you can enhance your system’s overall performance?

Second, does the technician understand your industry? Are you a retail store owner having a difficulty linking your POS devices on the same network; or, are you a legal firm that wants to upgrade to a managed cloud service? How about an engineering firm that’s looking for NJ IT consultants to provide backup & data recovery?

Last, what is the company’s reputation? Are they known for completing work to customer satisfaction? Do they establish business practices that meet or exceed industry standards? What is the company’s reputation with both their clients and their peers?

Answer these questions can help narrow your search and hire the right company with confidence? So, which companies in New Jersey meet these high standards?

Integrated Computer Service’s IT Management Ranks High with Customers

According to the Silicon Review, Integrated [Computer Services] is not out to maximize profits at its client’s expense. To prove this, the company does not take any one-off project work. ICS is entirely dedicated to its managed service client’s success.

This dedication to building client relationships while providing exceptional IT service and products has been the bedrock upon which Integrated Computer Services has built its multi-award winning business.

Mike Cardella’s fledgling 2002 company has enjoyed steady growth and now supports over 2500 end users. As a Microsoft Certified Professional, Mike leads a team of 12 highly-skilled IT technicians. Although they provide a wide range of service, their specialization is solving extremely complex technical problems that hinder business growth and productivity. They utilize a broad spectrum of tools and services such as IT Management, cloud computing, data protection, and managed security to achieve this goal. ICS’ network and consulting supports companies that range from 10 to 1,000 employees across northeastern New Jersey.

ICS is a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner & Small Business Specialist, CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark Partner, and Premium B2BCloud Computing Solutions Provider.

KRS IT Consulting Is Among the Most Advanced in NJ

Founded in 2008 by Josiv Krstinovski, KRS IT Consulting emphasizes top-tier IT security & support for small and medium-sized business across New Jersey.

KRS built its reputation based on Krstinovski’s vision for moving the company beyond conventional security measures to meet new-world security threats. While other companies were still leaning on antivirus software and firewalls, KRS was aggressive in advancing innovative security layering for both internal and external security threats.

Krstinovski’s further outlines his vision on his LinkedIn page.

I am a very passionate and motivated person looking to help small to medium-sized businesses (10 to 249 employees) reduce the risk of poor unmanaged IT systems that can cripple an entire company. My vision is to provide business owners with an enterprise level of IT services and support while educating them on how to protect their company from failures.

Since starting in 2008, the company’s decade long expansion & has incorporated areas such as managed IT services, ransomware protection, cyber security, network monitoring, & disaster recovery.

Highlands Computer Technologies Offers Superior IT Protection

Highlands Computer Technology’s steadfast dedication to serving small and medium businesses over the last fifteen years has become its calling card. HCT partners with tech-driven businesses to deploy, maintain, and protect their technology. They achieve this by stacking an arsenal of tools such as high-end security, VPNs, remote access, HaaS, web filtering, system backups, and comprehensive network management and support service.

Highland’s exceptional track record comes from its intense focus on understanding the mindset of its client. Every solution they provide comes with the intent of giving their client a competitive business edge without worrying about the reliability of the products, services, or consultation they provide.

Prime Support NJ IT Consultants Work from a Solid IT Infrastructure

The team that makes up Prime Support’s senior staff has over 50 years of combined industry experience in almost every area of IT imaginable. The company launched in 1995 and has grown into a powerhouse IT provider across New Jersey and Manhattan, New York.

Working with insurance companies, law firms, manufacturers, and medical facilities, Prime Support formulates a core strategy with each business to develop a solid IT infrastructure from the inside out. In fact, their mantra is,

To put it simply, we don’t believe that your company should ever have to reach out for IT support just because something has gone wrong. We value the importance of your essential IT infrastructure and guarantee to keep it up and running.

Building a solid infrastructure includes cloud computing management, data backup and recovery, Email server setup, software & IT management, and VoIP phone system setup.

Computer Systems and Methods Offers Time-Tested IT Support

What is relentless IT support?

Go to Computer Systems and Method’s ‘About Us’ page, and you’ll find that it is the Vince Lombardi-driven philosophy that has guided their company since its humble beginnings in 1984.

(CSM) is not so much a company as it is a conglomerate, comprising several subsidiaries that they have slowly developed over their last 30+ years. CSMs massive network allows it to run the table in the IT universe. Companies include:

  • CSM (parent company). Managed IT, security, networking, cloud services, communication
  • Class Compete. Mobile education testing & gamification
  • Neact. CSM ASP online class registration software
  • Soft Source. Content managed website systems, email management, hosting, and support
  • Rugged PC tore. PC equipment and accessories

IT Support & IT Consulting New Jersey

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