Online Privacy Trends to Expect Come 2022

Online and data privacy are always a major topic of concern for every business or organization. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic made many organizations embrace remote work, leaving chunks of their crucial data online. New problems call for new resolutions, and the tech industry is always prepared to come up with new trends to handle all their clients’ current and future demands.

As some tech companies develop new products or upgrade their current technologies, they misuse data to their advantage. This has led to increased pressure by activists and the government for new regulations to shape online privacy. In this article, Techsperts LLC explores some online privacy trends you should expect come 2022. The major events and trends that are likely to have the biggest impact on the privacy landscape in the next twelve months?

New Privacy Standards

If you have ever come across the term data graveyard, you probably know it entails giant stores of unused data. Data graveyard has become one buzzword to describe companies in terms of the quality and quantity of data they store in their servers. Most companies that have not attained the desired levels of privacy find this data destabilizing their database utilization and becoming a grave problem. In 2022 and the coming years, we expect organizations to create awareness of how they are stored, managing and process data. This will set new data protection standards and allow robust data governance.

China has a law to establish data privacy regulations and was to take effect as of 2021. They put it on hold, and now we expect its effect to come in 2022. We expect the law to increase data subjects’ rights and stretch the legal bases for unauthorized data processing.

Raised Number of Data Subject Complaints and Requests

Some data regulations, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) give clients additional control of their data. The rising data breaches in many organizations are leading consumers to become more aware of what personal data to share with different companies. Customers are demanding the right to update, share, prevent processing or delete their data within business whenever they need to.

This matter of complaints and requests has risen, and we expect it to rise even more in 2022.


Companies are gradually identifying and accepting how much their customers value their personal data. Most consumers are now understanding the value behind their data and the rights. Some companies have even started creating an ecosystem to provide their customers with payments for the value of their data. We expect companies to consider making this trade more transparent to build more trust and forge stronger relationships with their consumers. We also expect that in 2022, customers’ attitude towards data protection and transparency will evolve more and compel companies to embrace transparency.

What’s Next for Workplaces Surveillance in 2022

When the pandemic hit, it forced businesses to change to remote operations almost immediately, without adequate time to plan operations which had an imminent threat. As the protocols ease and the enterprise is getting back to normal operations, we expect organizations will now get prepared for such situations and some might adopt hybrid work arrangements or permanent remote work in the coming years. This will ensure that business systems are always secure enough for physical or remote operations.

How Privacy Products Will Evolve in 2022

Due to the developing changes in the tech world, the privacy products have to adjust accordingly. Some will gain popularity, some will change their terms of operation among other changes, as explained below.

Bring Your Own Key

Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) is a management system encryption key that enables businesses and organizations to encrypt data and keep management and control of their encryption keys. Most businesses host their data in the cloud as it is cost-effective and productive and flexible. But the cloud possesses very critical security threats and hence these enterprises have to come up with practical solutions to stay safe.

For this reason, BYOK is gaining popularity each year, and we expect the same in 2022. BYOK encrypts your data just before forwarding it to the cloud. This encryption and key generation only rests with you, hence ensuring only the allowed persons have access to your data in the cloud. We expect next year, cloud platforms, web services, Infrastructure-as-a-Service and all software that support BYOK to get increased BYOK adoption.

Insurance Companies Will Get More Influence

Recently, risk insurance companies started covering ransomware losses. Many organizations were reluctant to work with them as the cyber threats were not so high by then. They forced the insurance companies to be less prescriptive on their terms and assessments to attract them. With cyberattacks now hitting hard and getting to be so frequent, these insurance companies are becoming more prescriptive about their clients, requiring them to follow the best cybersecurity practices strictly.

Come year 2022, insurance companies will continue conducting strict assessments of their clients to reduce risks and determine security posture. Conformance to cybersecurity best practices will be taken as a must-follow regulation.

Education and Training

As companies accept ‌consumers are understanding the value of their data, some companies are now trying to build trust among their clients by explaining how they collect their personal data and how they use it. We are likely to experience more programs and courses on cybersecurity as the tech industry tries to address the privacy experts shortage in the world and as companies try to educate their clients on their data policies.

How Data Driven Industries Will React to These Emerging Trends

After the effects of these trends in favor of the consumers, most sites have adjusted to meet the users’ demands. Most sites are now equipped with a pop-up requesting their users to accept, reject or customize cookies. We expect that in 2022, more sites will adopt this trend and include these pop-ups on their web pages. Companies will stop using automatic cookies to avoid the harsh fines that are getting tough each day.

We are expecting policies and regulations to become more complex in 2022. Prepare your enterprise adequately for what’s coming by partnering with Techsperts today. We offer timely expert advice, data security, and computer network solutions, technology services, fully managed IT services, among many other solutions. Contact us today for more information and to book our services.

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