Does Your NJ IT Services Company Protect Your Important Data?

NJ IT Services Company: Do They Keep Your Data Safe?

Keeping the lights on and machinery operational used to be the biggest problems for organizations a few decades ago, but today’s operational challenges are increasingly complex. Data protection used to involve locking filing cabinets at night and restricting access was solved by limiting the number of keys that were printed. Those days are gone for good, as cybersecurity is now the greatest concern for businesses. Is your NJ IT services company using these advanced cybersecurity tools and best practices to protect your sensitive business data?

Why Is Data Protection Important for Your Business?

Working with an IT managed services partner provides you access to a range of individual talents that may not be available to small business owners. Cybersecurity is a particular challenge for organizations, as it takes a significant ongoing investment in time and training to stay on top of the emerging threat landscape. Simply selecting the best data protection solutions may be more than your internal technology team is able to support, much less making the investment in time required to actually implement the selection options. Data protection is extremely important for businesses today, as cybercriminals are more active than ever. Experts estimate that it takes more than 191 days for an organization to discover a data breach, making it crucial that your data is actively being protected with advanced security procedures and software solutions.

Business Continuity Solutions from Your Premier NJ IT Services Company

Small businesses need a comprehensive data protection platform, and that’s exactly what Datto Alto provides. From automatic backups to cloud virtualization, Datto’s solutions helps businesses recover their servers in a matter of minutes — instead of the days or even weeks of work that it could take to rebuild physical servers. There are extensive costs associated with business downtime, with organizations reporting upwards of $100,000 per hour of downtime, a staggering amount for an organization to absorb. Forethought and planning with your NJ IT services company can help your business reduce the risk associated with unplanned system outages.

Datto solutions are at the core of many successful business continuity plans, and include:

  • Automatic scheduled backups to local devices, with replicate backups to the cloud
  • Granular data recovery from specific moments in time
  • Use of Datto Cloud to quickly spin up new server instances
  • Advanced ransomware detection and proactive notification to admins
  • Rapid recovery by restoring from the last known good backup
  • End-to-end encryption to protect data in transit and at rest
  • A full year of data retention in the cloud
  • Hourly backups, to ensure that your business information is always up-to-date

When your NJ IT services company utilizes Datto solutions, you have added peace of mind that any lost servers can be restored in moments from the Datto Cloud.

Secure Networking Solutions You Can Trust

The internet is a business accelerator, providing access to millions of terabytes of research data, an easy way for customers to find your business and so much more. Unfortunately, there is a dark side to the internet, where cybercriminals are always looking for ways to access your sensitive personal, financial and health-related data. Datto networking solutions, including cloud-managed edge routers, provide an added layer of security for your business. Your trusted NJ IT services company can help you understand how the DNA (Datto Networking Appliance) and D200 (LTE Management) will benefit your business. Together, they provide:

  • 4G LTE failover with Datto edge routers to protect your primary internet connection at all times
  • All-in-one networking as part of an advanced managed cloud
  • Malware and ransomware protection, including support against command and control tactics
  • Enhanced web content filtering to stop threats before they reach your network

With Datto protection in place, your organization is supported by an industry leader whose Titan HQ service crawls billions of web pages every single day to categorize malicious URLS — adding over 100,00 malicious entries per day. You can be confident that your data is as secure as possible if your NJ IT services company employs Datto solutions, plus a lifetime hardware warranty comes standard with Datto equipment.

Get Added Protection from Datto Networking Switches

The data networking switches that are used in your organization provide a powerful level of protection that helps your NJ IT services company provide the advanced features that you need with a range of configuration options to fit the unique needs of your business. Once your configuration settings are determined, new installations move along quickly because your past configurations are stored in the cloud and can be quickly applied in the future. Datto networking switches provide a simple yet intuitive approach to data management, with the features that businesses need to be efficient and effective with data storage and delivery. Your NJ IT services company is able to remotely manage your networking switches in the cloud, allowing them to proactively review your configurations and make tweaks to ensure that your systems are operating at peak levels of efficiency. Plus, Datto’s hardware always comes with a lifetime warranty that ensures your users are always connected — and productive.

Understanding the data protection needs of your organization starts with a thorough understanding of your unique business needs, and the professionals at Techsperts have access to premier technology solutions such as the Datto suite of networking and connectivity solutions. Contact the Techsperts in the New York and New Jersey area at 201-262-5066 or schedule your complimentary initial consultation online today. With the advanced cybersecurity challenges on the horizon for 2019 and beyond, you need the support of a proactive partner to ensure that your organization’s sensitive data is secure.