Can You NJ IT Services Company Help Your Organization With Quickbooks?

Quickbooks is the most well-known name in accounting software for American businesses, with over 70% of small businesses owners either actively using the software or at least familiar with the name. When you’re looking for accounting firm IT services, it pays to know that your potential partner has deep experience with industry-leading software platforms such as Quickbooks. While Quickbooks is the premier name in accounting solutions for small to mid-size businesses, that doesn’t mean it’s completely intuitive to use — which is why it’s important your IT company in NJ fully understands the platform and can provide support when you need it. Here are some ways your technology partner can help ensure that your users are able to take full advantage of Quickbooks and other software platforms.

Finding an IT Company in NJ That Works With Accounting Firms

Accounting firms have specific needs in terms of data security and access that may be different from a manufacturing business, for example. Accounting firms handle a great deal of sensitive customer information, that could include financial documentation, personally identifiable information, trade secrets and more. Each type of asset or data must be fully protected — but your IT company in NJ must first understand the problems that could occur to adequately support your security needs. Working with a partner who understands the unique requirements of accounting firm IT services ensures that your managed services provider is able to predict where problems might occur and proactively plan for your protection.

You’re looking for an organization that:

  • Has worked with accounting firms in the past
  • Has a solid understanding of GDPR (European), U.S. and state data security and confidentiality requirements
  • Is able to properly set up your preferences for reporting, late payments, sales taxes, default accounts and more
  • Understands how to properly administer the Quickbooks platform, including password resets and other administrative functionality
  • Is prepared to create well-formed backups that can be quickly restored in the event of an emergency
  • Can help troubleshoot a range of problems, including disappearing transactions and remove duplicate accounts from your COA

Your IT company in NJ should not only understand all the standard IT services such as internet and email security, but they will also need the specialized knowledge that relates to providing Quickbooks support or other accounting-specific platforms if they are to be a truly valuable partner for your firm.

Cybersecurity Challenges Facing Accounting Firms

It’s an unfortunate fact, but a big challenge to the security of accounting firms is often coming from within the organization. Cybersecurity begins with training employees on how to correctly connect to and utilize data, hardware and software platforms. When these cybersecurity recommendations are not followed, it’s often to the detriment of the accounting firm. Your proactive IT company in NJ will partner with your firm to provide insight into best practices around training and data security. This partnership also provides you with a valuable second line of defense that will help quickly identify when there are problems such as a security breach. The average time for an organization to discover a security breach is over 206 days, and cybercriminals can wreak a great deal of havoc within your business in that amount of time.

All businesses have a certain level of cybersecurity needs, but the specialized nature of information that is being used and stored by accounting firms can cause them to be a more visible target for cybercriminals. Working with an IT company in NJ that not only understands how to protect your organization from traditional threats, but can provide you with the quick-response support that you need for your Quickbooks instance provides an added layer of security and convenience for your firm. Ready to get started with a team that truly understands the business technology solutions used by accounting firms? Contact the professionals at Techsperts today at 201-262-5066 or schedule your initial complimentary consultation by filling out our quick website form.