New Jersey Business Transition To Remote Workforce (Free Guide)

New Jersey Businesses Transition To Remote Workforce

Following the global crisis now surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations are currently pioneering the transition to a remote workforce. With factors like cost-reduction and reduced work travel being an obvious motivator, most businesses have slowly started to see the benefits.

For instance, since AT&T transition to a remote workforce, they have freed up at least $550 million in cash flow by eliminating offices they did not need. This reduction of overhead costs translated to a 30% improvement. Other companies like IBM are saving millions annually, just from sales and distribution units alone.

However, even with all the benefits, most businesses are still not equipped to function remotely. Most of these are still scrambling to set up the transition and hence still struggling with productivity. How should the CEO’s think about the remote workforce? Which is the right criteria and strategy to implement? Are there any common pitfalls?

In this guide, we will discuss solutions senior managers should know and reflect on before making the transition. We are also going to share some ways on how a managed IT services company can come in and help out.

What Are The Solutions?

  • Proper guidance and training: First thing, you need to dedicate enough time to ensure all employees are trained in advance. By all means, you will want to avoid confusion or frustrations, especially from the old or the tech-savvy employees. Schedule meetings to ensure each employee receives proper guidance and training on all the new technology tools that will be in use while working remotely. In addition, provide handbooks, webinars, and other educational materials to train on time management, communication, and organization while working remotely.
  • Coordinated system setups: If your employees will require access to any specialized software, you will need a process to facilitate and coordinate the systems installations. Make sure to be intentional on the kind of software you choose. You want one that will accommodate your employees’ needs adequately.
  • Equipment checkouts: If your employees will require to carry company equipment like laptops and printers, prepare a sigh in/sign-out log listing. This way, you will have a checkout of specific components and monitor all equipment accordingly. In the event of theft, audit your systems, software, and document all the immediate steps that must be taken if a computer or laptop is stolen. You do not want any sensitive information about the company into the wrong hands. This should also apply for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy.
  • Implement a security policy: Security is an essential feature for a quality transition. You will, therefore, have to implement a security policy to ensure any sensitive information is protected. This should include all passwords, cloud storage, and VPNs. Confirm every employee understands the role they play to ensure data integrity and the consequences if all the rules are not followed.
  • Set expectations and work policies: Most importantly, as a senior manager, you have to ensure your employees will remain as productive as possible. With so many distractions at home, their performance can be significantly damaged. You don’t want that. Set your expectations, establish strict work policies, and make them clear to all your employees. This will help you keep them on their toes, avoid misunderstandings and streamline workflows.
  • Establish regular structured check-ins: Finally, regular supervision is a must. Now that your employees are not literally under your watch, you may want to consider establishing structured check-ins. Although some can successfully work with minimum supervision, we can all agree it is easy to feel distracted and get off course while at home. Especially in times of stress, maintain regular check-ins that help strengthen your connection, camaraderie, and trust while you monitor work progress.

How Can A Managed IT Services Company Help?

With so much to do and a whole organization to organize and monitor, you will find a managed IT services company quite helpful. Below are some of the services they could help you accomplish as you prepare to make the transition.

  • Risk assessment: Being experts, they will help you understand where your company’s current gaps are and analyze them according to urgency and consequences of failure. From workflow to the network to a virtual workforce, they will help you assess the risks possible.
  • Continuity strategy: You will also need the right approach for the best possible outcomes. A clear understanding of how continuity looks like for your company will help you maximize security in every scenario.
  • Solution recommendation: With the right strategy in place, consider collaboration, conferencing, security, stability, and backup as some of the right solutions that can assist. A managed IT company may also come up with more recommendations depending on your unique business.
  • Solution deployment: Instead of a rushed through and haphazardly conducted solution deployment, these companies will help you attain cohesiveness, perfectly streamline, and aggregate the solutions into your projects.
  • Ongoing monitoring: A setup on its self is not enough. You have to go a step further and set protocols and mechanics to monitor your solutions’ performance and security. You will need to put in place dashboards, emergency alerts, ongoing check-ins and have an external support company.
  • Emergency readiness and training: A managed IT service company will also help you ensure you are ready and protected in case of an emergency. Your team will need training and constant reminders to facilitate the program. Try out common scenarios to make sure the company is ready to handle and react to those conditions in the event of an emergency.

Discover How Techsperts Can Help

Transiting a business to a remote workforce is a complex and depriving process, especially for the senior managers or C level professionals. You just can’t wake up one day and decide to make the transition. It takes a lot of time and preparation for the best possible outcomes.

Luckily enough, you do not have to juggle with all the details alone. Techsperts LLC is an NJ based IT Services Company that is ready to support businesses throughout New Jersey. All you need to do is reach out and find out how they can aid your transition and put your mind at ease.

Click here to get started or call us at (201) 262-5066.


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