Revolutionize Your Company Schedule with Microsoft Staff Hub

New Office app is a scheduling game-changer for managers and employees

If there’s one thorn in the side of every business, it’s mastering an efficient and functional schedule for the whole team. Between various levels of employees, diverse job types and differing time allotments, making a consistent and easy-to-access schedule can be a huge challenge.

Of course, in the increasingly tech-based work world, countless companies are arriving on the scene claiming to have the newest and best scheduling solution that your company MUST take advantage of. Listen, there are some great stand-alone solutions out there, but often the big promises offered don’t measure up. Even worse, what good is a scheduling solution if it isn’t integrated with all the other applications you already use for calendar tracking and communication?

That’s why business professionals of all kinds are excited about the latest app from Microsoft, called StaffHub. StaffHub is truly changing the game for scheduling in the workplace and the best part is, the application is designed with Microsoft’s familiar and functional signature touch.

Tell Me More: What Exactly is StaffHub?

StaffHub is the latest productivity application released for Office 365. The application is designed specifically to better connect staff and managers to the critical scheduling data they need each day. The application is all about easy access, easy modification and easy communication to ensure that the team is always on the same page and scheduling conflicts are put to rest.

Check out some of the BEST features that StaffHub provides:

Easy Schedule Creation and Sharing

Managers are able to easily create schedules and share the content with their employees seamlessly. The StaffHub app and its data can be accessed from any mobile device through the Office 365 app. Gone are the days of the printed schedule on the wall of the office. With StaffHub, workers can simply open the app to see their upcoming scheduled shifts.

Supreme Schedule Display and View Options

Not only is the schedule easier to create and access in the app, StaffHub makes it look better too! Say goodbye to scratched out times and names on your paper schedule. The StaffHub schedule appears on an attractive and organized grid that can be color-coded for ease. There are also many different viewing options. Users are able to switch between monthly, weekly, or daily views and tapping on an individual shift shows more details. There’s even an option to view the total scheduled hours for each employee.

Streamline Shift Switches

Ah, a manager’s worst nightmare. You spend hours creating a schedule only to get three different employees at your door requesting changes. With StaffHub, this nightmare ends now. When scheduling conflicts come up, StaffHub makes it easy for workers to request a switch. Simply tap the shift in question, select the person to switch with and voila! A request is sent directly to the manager for final approval. This way, you stay in constant control of your schedule while keeping your team happy and organized.

Integration and Communication

As mentioned, there are a lot of stand-alone apps that promise a revolutionary scheduling solution. However, StaffHub is unique in that it is entirely integrated and compatible with Office 365 apps – making communication and collaboration a breeze. Employees can exchange messages and access other content through the StaffHub app. Even better? StaffHub is compatible with Azure Active Directory, meaning managers can add and remove team members as necessary.

Streamlined Success: StaffHub Makes for Happy Managers and Content Staff

Overall, StaffHub is a great tool for streamlining processes and keeping your entire team on the same page. When team members are able to easily understand what is expected of them and access the critical data that they need, jobs get done quicker and employees are more motivated to work. While countless providers are on the market claiming to be the productivity powerhouse, it’s a good idea to peek at what you may already have included in your Microsoft Office 365.

By taking a look at your existing infrastructure before you commit to any applications or solutions, you’ll have a better idea of what specific features you need and how to revamp your tech solutions accordingly. Microsoft has been on the scene for decades – working constantly to keep up with the times and give business users the solutions they truly need.

For Office 365 users, StaffHub is hands down, the no-brainer solution for scheduling. Integration, ease of use, productivity and presentation—what more could a scheduling manager ask for?

Looking to get on top of your scheduling practices? Tired of shift-change nightmares and hardcopy schedules taped up in the breakroom? Reach out to a local team of IT experts for consultation on your best options for schedule management. A team of professionals can help get you on the right path to choosing apps that work better for you and your team.

Microsoft StaffHub


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