Changes in technology come with a variety of challenges. First, there is the need to change and adapt to the new advancements. There are always financial costs associated with this process. The effects of technology are often widespread. Some people are concerned that new products and programs will put them out of work. The new developments in robotics are a good example. Many workers are concerned that their jobs will be taken over by robots in the future.

Accounting Firms Technology

If the past is any indication, this will not happen. What usually occurs is that the human workers do see a shift in the type of work they do, but they rarely are put out of work completely. Often, technological changes are a good thing. They make everyone’s job easier and remove all those boring, redundant tasks that no one wanted to do in the first place.

Technology in the accounting sector

The world of accounting has attracted numerous technological discoveries. These new programs reduce the error margin which leads to a more reliable outcome. Accounting programs can perform most tasks much easier than human beings and with more accuracy. This saves time and money for both the accountant and their customer. In the past, errors in financial reports or tax returns could cause quite a bit of trouble for everyone involved. With a good accounting program and someone to input the correct data, these errors are greatly reduced.

Stiff competition

Technology has increased the competition for accounting firms. Before the adoption of technology, accounting firms depended mostly on the skills of the employees of the firms. This meant, therefore, that competition was shaped by the accuracy and expertise of the workers in a firm. The credentials of an accounting firm’s employees went a long way in attracting a clientele.

In the world today, however, competition among accounting firms is shaped by technology. The first question that today’s client wants to know is which accounting software do you use. Everyone has a favorite accounting software and some people have a distinct dislike of certain programs. The one thing that software developers have learned over the years is to make all software as user friendly as possible. Accounting programs that require a genius to figure out don’t last very long. Everyone is searching for something they can learn quickly.

Increases in accounting fees

Modern accounting firms have raised their fees over the years, but so have all the other professions. Just try finding a lawyer who will work for $100 per hour. This was once a huge amount of money but today’s attorney’s charge an average of $300 per hour. Technology hasn’t made their fees any cheaper but it does make the job of billing clients much simpler.

The increase in accounting fees is attributable to a wide range of factors. The software purchase, maintenance, and renewal of licenses can be a big initial expense. Of course, with each new program that is released, that expensive software you just purchased may become obsolete overnight. For this reason, many accounting professionals choose monthly subscriptions. This concept allows an accounting firm to get the most advanced software on the market. The monthly subscription fee includes regular updates. This means that your software will never be obsolete. Usually, regular maintenance and support is included in your monthly charge as well. Many websites include training for your employees.

Most accountants will say that they enjoy and appreciate this type of convenience. They can focus on working with their customers. They don’t even have to think about whether their software is working okay and contains the latest changes in tax law. Everything works like it’s supposed to and if you have a problem, simply call the vendor and they will fix things straightaway.

Accounting programs do everything from reconciling bank statements to sending invoices to customers. Though these programs will never replace humans, they make their work much easier. They give the accountant time to find ways to help their clients save money.

Filing taxes

This task has always been stressful for individuals and business owners alike. There’s just no getting around paying your taxes though. Benjamin Franklin said that nothing in this life is certain except for death and taxes. Whether you own a small business or work for an employer, doing your taxes on time and correctly each year is imperative. If accounting software didn’t do anything except our taxes, it would be well worth it.

A good accounting program can help you keep track of your expenses throughout the year. You no longer need a shoebox for all those receipts. When it’s time to file your taxes, you can import all that data into the tax filing software and save yourself lots of time. Many people are still not comfortable doing their own taxes and since IRS penalties are often severe, it may be best to hire a good accountant to do them for you. Tax time is the busiest time of year for accountants.

Final thoughts

For accountants, technology has overall been very positive. The role of accountants has changed because of reliable software programs like Xero. Your accountant has the time to talk to you about saving money on your tax return, investing in new property, and ways to save on supplies. The role of the accountant has changed some due to technological advancements, but the changes have all been good.


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