Microsoft Teams Adds Unlimited PSTN Calling

Microsoft Teams Adds Unlimited PSTN Calling

As a business looking to adapt to a new hybrid and remote workforce, you might need some new products to help increase your team’s productivity. In this case, consider Microsoft Teams. It might be the single most important upgrade you can make to your computers. There are so many ways to leverage Teams by increasing the ease in which your employees can collaborate. It’s important to work with your employees and provide them with the right tools to succeed and gaining an understanding of how Teams can help your company will go a long way towards helping your employees be successful. There are a variety of ways Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft products can increase the productivity and effectiveness of your employees.

Microsoft Teams Unlimited PSTN Calling

Newly Upgraded Unlimited Dial-in Capabilities

Stop paying by user or by month. Microsoft is now releasing the ability for as many people to dial in and use its products as they want. Since Microsoft Teams is the best product for virtual collaboration with teammates scattered all over the world, these unlimited dial-in options mean that you can have your entire team on a phone call with no communication problems.

The nice part is, you don’t have to manage access for your team. No more keeping track of licenses and who has access. You also won’t have to worry about hidden fees or paying more money the more you want to use the product. Pay upfront and sit back and let your teams collaborate!

What Is The Current Audio Conferencing Setup?

The ability to have unlimited logons and dialings is new. Microsoft is just trying it out to improve the current system. The way it is now, you do indeed need to pay to upgrade and add licenses if you want to use Microsoft Teams to collaborate and work together. Paying by month and by user not only gets expensive, but it adds something else for you to manage – keeping up with who has access. You don’t want to be stuck in a big meeting and one of your important teammates doesn’t have access to the tool.

Do you even have a good understanding of how much you are paying now? Did you mean to pay for 20 employees, but then 20 more needed access? Get a firm idea of what you are paying now, and you’ll probably notice you actually spend less with the new system of unlimited dialing capabilities. .

How Your Business Can Benefit From Microsoft Teams

When it comes down to communication and collaboration, there is no better option for a business than Microsoft Teams. There just is not another product that let’s you do as much, as easily. Whether you need to have video meetings or share files and presentations, you can do all of that within Teams.

Do you have business processes right now that you are still doing manually? Emailing files and running things inefficiently? All of your business processes can all be automated with Teams including any Microsoft product you are already using like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Never miss a big deadline because your team can’t access all the files it needs to succeed!

Shore Up Your Security With Microsoft Products

Every business can be victimized in a cyber security attack. The best thing you can do is put measures in place to prevent them from happening and to have a disaster recovery plan should you need one. Microsoft products are going to help you protect your computers and your network! It’s vital to the future of your business to prevent attacks, since some small companies just do not have the resources needed to recover after an attack. Microsoft has more than just Teams to help with this, and you can use a product like Endpoint Manager to help you with cyber security. This product supports your virtual workforce and helps strengthen and secure your networks.

Integrate All Your Business Needs Into One Place

You could have the best spreadsheet of all time to run your Accounting needs, but if you can’t share it and make it accessible to all, it’s mostly useless.  There are other Microsoft products that can help you improve that sheet or share it more easily with your teams. The best feature of Microsoft Teams is that now your employees can share and work on that spreadsheet in real time, without making sure they are using the latest version that someone might have upgraded and stored on their desktop.

Don’t forget that Microsoft Teams can also help you with your customers. Do you ever want to analyze sales data and find ways to attract new customers? Teams can help with that, and help with your customer relationships. With Teams, you can access all the data you need and be prepared to give great presentations to your customers.

In order to make sure you are leveraging a product like Microsoft Teams, make sure you are using all the unlimited dialing options that will help you get set up to work collaboratively across your organization. This will help your team function remotely in a new hybrid environment.

One Last Perk

Don’t forget that employees are actively looking for remote work these days. The pandemic added a lot of flexibility, and employees still want it! Setting your employees up with the right tools is going to keep them motivated and happy. Not only will they be less likely to leave your company for something better, but you will also be able to advertise better and recruit new talent to your business.

The world has changed! Remote work is here to stay in some capacity for the rest of time. Get your employees the tools they need so both they and your business can succeed with ease!

For More Information

Microsoft certainly has a lot of products that you can use in your business!  Reach out and contact us today. As the local experts for all Microsoft technologies, including but not limited to Microsoft Teams, we can help you gain an understanding of which Microsoft tools you should be using in your business.