Why Accounting Firms Should Outsource IT Services

Why Accounting Firms Should Outsource IT Services

In today’s highly developed and competitive world, businesses are continually looking for ways to expand operations while maintaining agility and reducing costs. Outsourcing non-core activities, such as IT services in accounting firms, has become a popular way to reduce costs and resources while providing exemplary services. If you run an accounting firm in New Jersey, it’s time to consider outsourcing your IT services and IT support.

Why Outsourcing Makes Sense

The IT environment is becoming more complicated by the day. Having a dedicated IT team is now a vital requirement for small, medium, and large enterprises. Ensuring that you use the latest software, manage updates, keep up with changing data security regulations, and preempt the newest security threats are all tasking operations even for well-equipped IT teams. What’s more, you can hardly keep up with advancements in technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning if it’s not your area of expertise.

Unfortunately, ignoring your accounting firm’s IT needs is no longer an option. Your business needs computers, software, the internet, and the cloud to stay relevant. Without the right talent and resources, you risk mismanaging IT operations in your accounting firm. However, given the cost of recruiting and hiring IT experts, managing an in-house IT team is hardly an option for New Jersey enterprises.

Outsourcing IT services and support has numerous benefits for small accounting firms. First, you enjoy services and support from an established team of IT experts, without the costs of recruiting, hiring, and managing. In the long run, hiring a third party costs less than having an in-house team. Also, an outsourced IT team dedicates their time and resources to observe and manage security threats around the clock. Your accounting firm ultimately enjoys better and more comprehensive security.

How Much Should Outsourced IT Services Cost?

The cost of outscoring IT services and support depends on several factors, such as:

  • Your firm’s needs: Ultimately, larger enterprises have more IT needs than smaller companies do.
  • The pricing model: Different IT companies use different pricing models to calculate the cost of their services. Monitoring only, ad-hoc, and flat-rate are all pricing models you may interact with.
  • Outsourcing model: You can choose to fully outsource your IT services or have a co-managed system where your in-house IT staff works with a third-party for support.

What An Outsourced IT Company Can Do

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): Purchasing and managing in-house IT infrastructures such as servers, hardware, and networks requires a considerable budget. For small enterprises, outsourcing IaaS is an excellent way to cut costs while enjoying professionally-managed infrastructure.

Cloud hosting: Cloud computing helps your accounting firm access services anywhere and at any time. Hosting your services on an in-house cloud is expensive and risky for your security. Outsourcing is a great way to enjoy cost-friendly and secure services.

Cybersecurity: Ensuring the safety of your company and client information should be a top priority. Outsourcing helps you access top-notch security from IT experts that work around the clock.

IT support: Outsourcing your IT support ensures that all your computer systems are always available to your staff and clients. Great IT support optimizes performance and usability while staying ahead of any technical problems.

Business applications: Outsourcing your business processes to third-party applications is an excellent way to cut costs while enjoying great software. Modern accounting software is built to increase efficiency and data backups while maintaining your business’s security and privacy.


Outsourcing makes sense because, for a fraction of the price of hiring a dedicated IT professional with a limited skill set, an accounting firm can get the power of a dedicated team of professionals with unique skill sets and expertise.

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